For the first few classes young children may dance in socks and wear clothes of their choice provided they are able to move easily. After this, children should wear the Stars School of Performing Arts uniform for ballet, tap and modern and the set uniform for fusion dance.

BALLET UNIFORM             

                                                     GIRLS                                   BOYS

Pre Primary - Grade 2           Plum Leotard                                            Tight Fitting white t-shirt

                                                   Plum Skirt                                                Black Shorts

                                                   Pink Socks/Tights                                   White Socks

                                                   Pink Ballet Shoes                                      Black Ballet Shoes

Grade 2 Upwards                   Plum Leotard                                             White Leotard

                                                  Pink Tights                                                  Black Shorts/Leggings

                                                  Pink socks/Tights                                       White socks

                                                  Pink Ballet Shoes                                       Black Ballet Shoes


Primary upwards                   Own choice of Black Leotard                 Black tight fitting T-Shirt

                                                  Black Leggings                                           Black cycling Shorts

                                                  Black socks                                                                       Black Socks

                                                  Black Tap Shoes                                         Black Tap shoes

                                                  (Bloch Timestep if possible)            

                                                  Black Split sole jazz shoes                                    

Grade four and above              Own choice of black leotard 

                                                      (Suggested styles are Capezio double cross back leotard 

                                                      or capezio bra tech Leotard in Black)

                                                         Black Leggings

                                                         Black Tap Shoes (Bloch or Capezio Leather Jazz Tap Shoes)

                                                        Black Split Sole jazz shoes

Older pupils may attend a trial class wearing their own suitable clothes. Following that, they should wear the School′s set uniform as described above.

Hair should be up for all classes and worn in a bun for ballet students from grade 1 upwards.


Leotard and tights, jazz pants or similar gym/yoga style clothes are suitable.

Please only purchase ballet shoes from a dance shop where they are fitted. Please ask if you are unsure of where the shops are located.

I also offer a Tap Shoe Exchange system. Please ask for more details if you are interested.